'The Boys' Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: It's All a Conspiracy (2024)

The Boys (2019)

'The Boys' Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: It's All a Conspiracy (1)

By Nate Richard


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'The Boys' Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: It's All a Conspiracy (2)

Editor’s note: The below recap contains spoilers for The Boys Season 4, Episode 2.

The Big Picture

  • Butcher struggles with hallucinations and refuses to help Neuman, causing tension with Hughie and the team.
  • Homelander's training of Ryan leads to deadly consequences.
  • Firecracker introduces conspiracy theorists to the series, and an intense fight scene at TruthCon ensues.

The Season 4 premiere of The Boys sets up quite a few new obstacles for our favorite foul-mouthed group of anti-capitalist vigilantes. After having hallucinations of his deceased wife Becca (Shantel VanSanten), Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) has decided against helping VP-elect Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit), which would have had him double-cross Hughie (Jack Quaid). Speaking of Hughie, he's been dealing with his own issues after learning that his father (Simon Pegg) is on life support after suffering from a severe stroke, and to make matters even more complicated, his estranged mother Daphne (Rosemarie DeWitt) has decided to re-enter the picture.

Meanwhile, Frenchie (Tomer Capone) has reconnected with Colin (Eliot Knight), and Kimiko (Karen f*ckuhara) senses that something more romantic is going on between them. Annie (Erin Moriarty) is now running a center for at-risk Teens, having become a reluctant political activist, but still wants to shed her Starlight persona. As for the Seven, A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with Homelander's (Antony Starr) sociopathy, The Deep (Chace Crawford) has been having a secret affair with an octopus (Tilda Swinton), and Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) is somehow still alive. Homelander has also recruited a new member of the Seven, Sister Sage (Susan Heyward), a Supe who's the world's smartest person. Sage assisted Homelander in staging a riot outside his court trial, which involved using three of his biggest supporters as martyrs.

The Boys







A group of vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers.

Release Date
July 26, 2019

Eric Kripke
Karl Urban , Antony Starr , Erin Moriarty , Dominique McElligott , Laz Alonso , Chace Crawford , Colby Minifie , Aya Cash
Main Genre


Amazon Studios

A-Train Gets Blind Sided by Will Ferrell in 'The Boys' Season 4, Episode 2

Season 4, Episode 2, titled "Life Among the Septics" begins with Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize" playing in the background as we see shots of an urban neighborhood. A car pulls into the parking lot of a low-income housing project and out walks none other than Will Ferrell as "Coach Brink," trying to convince A-Train to come back home with him and to get out of the hood. Filmmaker Adam Bourke (P.J. Byrne) yells "Cut," and waltzes his way over to Ferrell, hyping him up by proudly proclaiming that he's on his way to giving an Oscar-winning performance. His conversation with A-Train is less enthusiastic, as the speedster Supe is uncomfortable with the movie's script as it's full of inaccuracies about his life and portraying his brother as a drug dealer. Black Noir also happens to be on the set of the movie, and somehow he's talking, clearly a different person than who he was before.

At the hospital, Annie sits at the bedside of one of her associates who was attacked by Hometeamers during the riot outside Homelander's trial. She watches a Vought News show on TV claiming that two Black men are the ones responsible for the deaths of the three Hometeamers used as political martyrs. Hughie sits in his father's hospital room, confronting his mother, who is now revealed to be working with Vought as a "Voughtality Consultant." Daphne confesses to a perplexed Hughie that his father had reconnected with her over the past two years and updated his will, giving her the power of attorney, leading Hughie to angrily leave the hospital suite.

Kimiko is shown attending a speech therapy session but storms out when the therapist asks her about her parents. She walks into the Boys' office, where Butcher finally tells his teammates that he's dying and has been having hallucinations. Mother's Milk (Laz Alonso) pulls him aside and fires him from the team, claiming that he's become a liability.

At Vought Tower, Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), Sister Sage, Homelander, and Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie), listen to a pitch, presenting Ryan with his first superhero costume and his name, "Homeboy." While Homelander and Ashley are thrilled by the pitch, Sage claims that if Vought wants people to truly look up to Ryan, he needs to stand on his own as the first naturally-born Supe. Ashley has become increasingly jealous of Homelander's allyship with Sage and confronts her in the elevator. Their conversation is disrupted by The Deep, who pitches to Ashley that he will show up at Ryan's first "save," something she turns down, but Sage encourages him, telling him to stop acting submissive towards Ashley.

The Boys Go To TruthCon in Season 4, Episode 2

'The Boys' Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: It's All a Conspiracy (3)

MM informs the Boys about Sister Sage, having tracked down her coordinates at a Vought-owned hotel. Hughie and Annie stay behind, the latter believing that A-Train was the one responsible for the deaths of the three Hometeamers. Ryan has begun rehearsing his first "save," with The Deep and Black Noir in attendance. During a break, the Deep begins harassing Ashley, threatening her status.

MM, Kimiko, and Frenchie arrive at the hotel where they find Butcher, who finds a way to still tag along as a "private citizen." The four of them then attend a conspiracy theorist convention known as TruthCon, where Kimiko begins to have flashbacks of her childhood, where she was forced to fight other children. Butcher, MM, and Frenchie attend a panel called "Starlight and the Hollywood Pedophile Cabal," hosted by the alt-right Supe and internet personality Firecracker (Valorie Curry). MM has Frenchie follow Firecracker's right-hand man, Splinter (Rob Benedict) and, while walking the convention floor, bumps into a drunken Kimiko, who tries to encourage him to get with Colin, which he rebuffs, claiming their relationship is far more complicated. The two sneak into the sauna, where they find Splinter and his duplicates eating each other out while one of them pleasures himself to a photo of Firecracker.

Hughie and Annie spy on A-Train from their car, where Annie confides to her boyfriend that she is uncomfortable that her followers still use her Vought-owned superhero name, Starlight. Hughie gives her a pep talk, claiming that her followers view the name as a symbol and that it might be best for her to embrace it, even if she doesn't want to. The two watch A-Train talking to his nephews, who are soon interrupted by his brother Nathan (Christian Keyes), chastising A-Train for lying to his nephews about being a superhero and saving people.

Sage meets up with Firecracker, as Butcher and MM eavesdrop from a distance. Sage, trying to recruit her, questions her reasoning for spreading misinformation, to which she responds that she is giving the "unrepresented and unrecognized" a feeling of greater purpose. Butcher wants to intervene, but MM pulls him outside, berating him for constantly breaking the rules for his own gain and putting those he's close to in harm's way. Kimiko attacks a conspiracy theorist manning a booth about child trafficking, criticizing him for ignoring the real victims of child trafficking and instead making up and spreading conspiracies.

Hughie and Annie return to The Boys' office, where they find A-Train waiting for them. He gives them a flash drive containing the security footage that will acquit the two Starlighters accused of killing the three Hometeamers during Homelander's trial. When they question why he wants to help them and go against Vought, he thanks the two for not interrupting him when he was with his brother and nephews earlier that day. Homelander, despite Ryan's wishes, interrupts his first save, encouraging him to throw the actor playing a criminal. Ryan reluctantly does, launching the actor into a building and instantly killing him. Ryan, having not intended to kill the actor, is visibly shocked, while his father praises and congratulates him.

'The Boys' Season 4 Introduces Us to the Marvelous Mrs. Firecracker

Frenchie, Kimiko, and MM meet up with Firecracker, Sister Sage, and Splinter in an empty convention hall, where Sage tells Firecracker that they are CIA and that she needs to kill them to win Homelander's approval. Splinter begins to duplicate, which starts a fight that carries over to a young girl's Marvelous Mrs. Maisel-themed Bat Mitzvah next door. Splinter and his naked duplicates begin wreaking havoc on the party, attacking Frenchie, Kimiko, and MM. Firecracker livestreams the event on her social media, claiming that she is being attacked by Zionists. Butcher makes his way into the room, finally killing Splinter, much to the shock of Firecracker, who flees the scene.

Later that night at Homelander's penthouse, Homelander attempts, in his own sad*stic way, to comfort a devastated Ryan, telling him that "you can't save them all." When Ryan questions the purpose of superheroes and that he doesn't want to try to do a save again, Homelander becomes angry, telling him that he is "destined for so much more." After Hughie's encouragement, Annie decides to reclaim her Starlight moniker, much to the excitement of her followers. Frenchie connects with an old friend when he talks about Colin, where it's revealed that his reluctance to pursue a relationship is because he killed his family, something that he has never been able to get over himself.

Hughie storms into his father's hospital suite, where he angrily recounts to Daphne how she abandoned him as a child. Before he leaves the suite, Hughie threatens his mother that he'll take her to court over gaining power of attorney. Kimiko discovers that the terrorist group that kidnapped her as a child, Shining Light, has a base in New York City, leading her to go on a solo mission. Butcher arrives soon after, and MM thanks him for saving them from Firecracker and Splinter. Butcher opens up about his regret over all the messes that he has created and his devastation that he is unable to fix any of it before his inevitable death. He pleads with MM, who rejects the possibility of Butcher rejoining The Boys.

After a relatively tamer start (at least by The Boys standards), the second episode of Season 4 jumps right back into the darkly comic and explicit action sequences that have always made the series feel so special. The political commentary is still there, clear as day, but it never once feels forced, and feels completely natural with the story and even the action setpieces. Firecracker's introduction as an alt-right commentator is another major highlight, with Curry having no issues leaning fully into the character's lunacy while still feeling incredibly real. A-Train seems to be finally getting his face-turn this season, something that has felt like a long time coming. He's done a lot of damage to the Boys — he's the entire reason Hughie has even gotten into this mess — but Kripke and Usher clearly see that there's enough there where he can be somewhat redeemed. This episode proves that the series has not missed a step.

'The Boys' Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: It's All a Conspiracy (4)


The Boys

Episode 2 of The Boys Season 4 leans into the crude and explicit action that has made the show such a hit while also finding clever ways to scrutinize conspiracy theorists.



  • Valorie Curry is outstanding as Firecracker, fully embracing her character's delusional nature yet still feeling completely real.
  • The Mrs. Maisel-themed fight is the best setpiece of the season yet, retaining the series' signature sense of humor and knack for violence.

The first three episodes of The Boys Season 4 are now available to stream on Prime Video.

Watch on Prime Video

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'The Boys' Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: It's All a Conspiracy (2024)


'The Boys' Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: It's All a Conspiracy? ›

The Big Picture

Why did The Boys break Hughies arm? ›

He goes back to Butcher. However, he still pretends like everything is okay with Victoria and continues working there. Hughie calls in sick to work, getting The Boys to actually break his arm for authenticity, and goes with them to Russia to track down a superweapon to kill Homelander.

How many episodes are there for The Boys season 4? ›

'The Boys' Season 4 episode schedule

There will be a total of eight episodes this season, with the season finale on July 18.

Where is the Boys season 4? ›

The R-rated superhero series returns to Prime Video for its fourth season this Thursday, June 13. In order to stream the series, and the newest episodes, you'll have to sign up for a Prime Video account, currently offering a 30-day free trial.

Is Hughie in Season 4 of The Boys? ›

Hughie ends up in the air duct looking for the best place to drop a bug, but he finds himself right above Homelander, Sage and Victoria before he can do so. A deal between the three Supes is back in play.

Why is MM called mother's milk? ›

Because of M.M.'s parental role in the team, he earned the nickname Mother's Milk. The TV series also equates the nickname with a sense of purity, demonstrating that Marvin is the 'purest', or most level-headed, member of the team.

Who is stronger than Homelander? ›

However, Omni-Man is clearly more powerful than Homelander. While Homelander has other abilities such as heat-vision that Omni-Man doesn't, he still lacks in other areas. Nolan Grayson aka Omni-Man is a part of the Viltrumite race, who are known for their extended lifespans.

Will there be a season 5 of The Boys? ›

"#TheBoys Season 4 Premiere Week is the perfect time to announce: Season 5 will be the Final Season! Which was always my plan, I just had to be cagey about it until I got final permission from @voughtintl,'" Kripke wrote on Instagram. "But I'm thrilled to bring this story to a gory, epic, emotional climax.

Will the boys season 4 be the end? ›

Eric Kripke, showrunner of The Boys, officially announced on June 11, 2024 that The Boys would be concluding with its fifth and final season.

Is The Boys season 4 good? ›

Critics Reviews

There are pleasures, if you can call anything on this show pleasant, to be found in season four, even if it struggles to wrestle true meaning from its annihilating riot.

Is Gen V in The Boys season 4? ›

The Boys season 4 trailer confirms returning Gen V stars as supes turn into 'wrathful gods'

Who is joining the Boys Season 4? ›

New and Returning Cast Members

Alongside the familiar faces of Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Jessie T. Usher, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capone, Karen f*ckuhara, and Colby Minifie, the fourth season welcomes newcomers Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Valorie Curry, and Susan Heyward.

When the Boys season 4 episode 4? ›

"The Boys" season 4 episode 4 is arriving on June 20. Episode 5, 6, 7, and 8 will be released on June 27, July 4, July 11, and July 18.

What happened to Hughie's mom? ›

Hughie's mother left the family when he was six. He is also characterized as a fan of Billy Joel.

Is Butcher in love with Hughie? ›

So in conclusion, Billy Butcher and Hughies relationship may have started out as a recruitment from Butcher, but gradually turned into an unbreakable brotherly bond. They are family now and will do anything to save each other.

Does Hughie love Annie? ›

and wants her to leave the Seven and hide until the upcoming war between them and The Boys is at a conclusion. Hughie admits to her that he still loves her.

Why do Hughie and Starlight break up? ›

She pitied him, which led to her eventually resigning from The Seven, outing the sins of Vought, Homelander and Soldier Boy. Starlight had enough of the game and was now going to expose everyone, but this decision could send Hughie on a downward spiral during this constant, weary tumult.

Is Hughie stronger than Homelander? ›

Hughie has a healing factor, but he still takes damage, unlike the invincible and invulnerable Homelander, who was only really physically threatened when Butcher and Soldier Boy teamed up against him. Though Hughie can punch through body armor, Hughie's slightly enhanced strength poses no threat to Homelander.

Does Hughie get powers permanently? ›

Although Hughie is angry at Butcher, he soon comes to accept his powers (which are permanent) of improved strength and durability.

What did Butcher do to Hughie? ›

On their way back to New York, Butcher, commenting that Hughie is the "spit[ting image] of [his] little brother", knocks Hughie unconscious and abandons him to prevent him from taking more Compound V. After Soldier Boy learnt from Mindstorm that he is Homelander's biological father, Butcher tells him that Homelander is ...


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